Outfit Post

The Undecided


Net Knit Sweater; Next, Pink Vest; H&M
Skinny Jeans; Miss Selfridge

Aloha! This picture was taken some time last weekend when I couldn’t decide what on earth to wear! In ended up in a completely different outfit to this but since I don’t have an actual outfit post today, I give you this!

Do you ever have those days, when you just have no idea what to wear? Even though I have so many clothes, so many I have nowhere to put them, sometimes I just get stuck!

Tomorrow I get to wear whatever I want to work since I won’t be on the shop floor. I will be tidying the stock room as I did today. I will be wearing clothes that I don’t mind getting dirty however, it gets very dusty in there!

Not sure if I will be driving to work tomorrow or getting the bus, the snow is so bad here, eek!

I hope you have all had a lovely day!
☯ ☮ ♥


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