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W is for Wildfox

I can’t wait for Summer (yes I know I have said that a million times already!) I am so desperate for Summer, these dull Winter days drive me crazy. I long for sunny weather so I can skip around in floaty, boho maxi’s in my flip flops. I have decided to show you a different piece of my maxi collection until Summer. I will keep going until I run out of things to show you!

I’m starting things off with this Apache Eagle Maxi Dress by Wildfox;

Summer Lovin' 006

I bought this dress almost a year ago & I have yet to wear it. It is long – super long! I think you would need to be around 7 feet tall for this to fit you (okay, a little overdramatic but you get the idea) I originally thought about getting it taken up. I felt that it might ruin the overall effect of the dress & so I resort to wrapping a belt around my waist & pulling it up a little. That sounds horrid, I know, but it really does work.

Summer Lovin' 008

As with all Wildfox clothing it was really expensive, but I loved it so much. The print is what first attracted me to it, it looks so tribal which I love.

Summer Lovin' 010

This is certainly a piece I can’t wait to start wearing. Just waiting for the sun to shine….


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