Fresh Start: Man Cannot Discover New Oceans Unless He Has The Courage To Lose Sight Of The Shore


It is a new year & that means it is the perfect time for change. Change can usually be for the better or worse but I hope my changes will improve this little blog I have built up.

Last year I made a resolution to really work on my blog & update as much as possible. I stuck to my resolution & I am so happy with the way my blog has progressed. My resolution this year is to save more money, I really need to stop spending so much. I was going to just have one resolution but I wanted to make another for my blog.

I have decided to make a few changes, nothing major, just a few changes here & there to improve Into the Stratosphere. I want to start creating posts with a few more pictures in different locations. This is quite difficult for me at the moment which is why the majority of my pictures are taken in my room in front of my Marilyn Monroe wall! Hopefully once Chris & I have our own place I will be able to start taking pictures in different locations & I will probably invest in a tri-pod for my camera.

I also want to create more beauty buy/reviews on my blog. I have invested a lot in beauty products lately & I should share more of them with you. So, expect more of my thoughts & opinions on beauty products soon.

I want to improve my writing skills a little. I had thought about joining a creative writing course but I am not sure if I have time! My previous job was as a fashion writer for a designer retailer. I described all the clothing on their website & I wrote for their blog. This proves to myself that I CAN do it! I just need to try harder & put more effort into my writing.

I am also pondering posting a few inspirational quotes every now & then. I have seen some bloggers doing it in the past & sometimes they really strike a chord with me.

There are just a few little tweaks here & there that I hope will create a better blog & will be better reading for you guys!

If you can think of any ideas than I would love to hear them! What would you like to see here on Into the Stratosphere in the future?
Leave me a comment or alternatively you can e-mail me at

Thanks for reading!


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