Outfit Post



T-Shirt; Matalan, Skinny Jeans; Topshop, Native Boots; Soul Cal
Tribal Necklace; Unbranded, Peace Necklace; Cherry Blossom Bay

Aloha! Good news guys, I mean really good news…..I am now off for a whole week, woo hoo! I am so happy, my Fiance also has a week off so we can have a lovely week together. I will also be able to create some up-to-date outfit posts instead of all these ‘blast from the pasts’ It will be so nice to have some freedom & be able to do exactly as I please.


In other news, I used my Clarins Cleanser & Toning Lotion for the first time last night. It is wonderful! My skin felt so soft & smooth after using it, definitely a must have beauty buy. I also used my Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tan for Face, I didn’t put a lot on since I didn’t want to go to dark. I will put some more on tonight & should hopefully have a lovely glow by tomorrow morning. It also made my face feel so soft & smooth, the best self tan for the face I have ever used.

I hope you have all had a lovely day & I can’t wait to start blogging some up-to-date outfits!
☯ ☮ ♥


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