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Pretty Little Things


Okay, how amazing is this lamp? I saw this beautiful light a while ago now & I was totally head over heels in love with it. Today I saw it in the store & I knew it had to be mine. I am going to save it for when Chris & I have our own place. It is so stunning. The colours are perfect, the description says ‘add some bohemian glamour to your home’ I guess now you know why I fell in love with it.

We already have another beautiful light that we bought we some money we recieved for out engagement. I picked out this wonderful Blossom Tree light from Graham & Green – check out their site, it is amazing!


So natural looking, this is another piece I couldn’t resist.

Flower tea

I also purchased these Flower Tea Light Holders from Next today. I loved the colours & I know they will look so cute with a tea light inside. I also bought a glass vase that says ‘Blossom & Bloom’ on it – super cute!

I absolutely love interior design so I can’t wait until we have our own place I can stamp my style on it!


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