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Spookshow Baby!

Aloha readers! I am back from Manchester & boy did we have a good time! Firstly we did a little shopping & we managed to find a L’Occitane store.

I bought the full size Cherry Blossom Shimmer Body Lotion because the set my Fiance bought me didn’t include a full size bottle. I also bought a lip balm which I have been wanting to try for a while. So far I love the lip balm, it is lovely to apply & my lips feel so soft!

Every time you shop in L’Occitane they always include some free samples which is brilliant. This time I got the Shea Butter Body Cream & a face masque to try.

I also bought a couple of tops from New Look & a ring & some underwear from Urban Oufitters which I will show you later.

Next we went to the Hard Rock Cafe!

It was a good thing I had already made reservations as it was really busy! Thankfully we only had to wait 5 minutes to be seated but we sipped Jack Daniels & Coke whilst we waited.

We decided to get some cocktails, my Fiance chose a Rum Runner & I opted for a Alabama Slammer because it had Southern Comfort in which is my favourite.

Whilst we were waiting for our food to arrive they were blasting out Rob Zombie, Metallica, Motley Crue, Rammstein & Machine Head which are all our favourite bands. It was definitely a night for hard rockers! The place was packed with people who were going to the show. Lot’s of black t-shirts, long hair & beards & tattoo’s!

I ordered the chicken & it was the best meal I have ever had. My Fiance got a burger & also agreed it was the best place we had ever eaten. Amazing food & cocktails & the music just made it so so good for us!

Next it was time to get ready for the show!

I put on my Rob Zombie T-Shirt that I had customised earlier that day! Then we headed to the show!

First up was Marilyn Manson.

He was pretty weird but he did put on a good show. My favourites were his most popular ones, The Beautiful People & Mobscene.

Next was the main event, the amazing ROB ZOMBIE!!!

How cool is his mic stand?

I have been to a lot of shows but this was incredible. Rob Zombie is amazing at putting on a show. All of his props & video’s are so cool. It is a real spectacle & something all of his fans should see.

We had a brilliant time in Manchester & I am so sad to be going back to work tomorrow!
I hope you have all had a great day!


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