Outfit Post

Fine & Dandy

Pastel Blue/Green Vest; H&M, Coral Skirt; H&M
Sea Glass & Turquoise Necklace; Children of Flowers @ Etsy

Aloha Readers! I am home from work & finally off tomorrow, woo hoo! I have another blast from the past for you today since I couldn’t take a picture of my outfit. I opted for a pastel outfit on this particular day. I love pastel colours, they always brighten up my mood no matter what.

I am super excited about buying the YSL Glamour Essentials Gift Set from work today, I simply can’t wait to use it. I also got some more Christmas shopping done today which is brilliant for me. Usually I am a last-minute kinda girl so this year I am very ahead of myself.

I am super excited for my day off tomorrow. I am not doing much but I am just looking forward to a rest. I really must tidy my room, take up some jeans I have been meaning to for months! I also need to pick up a sweater my Mum ordered from Next & go see my lovely Nana.

I hope you all had a brilliant day!


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