The Verdict: Moroccan Hair Oil Treatment

I have been aware of the Moroccan Oil Products since the frenzy for the product started but I was yet to try it. After my work place started stocking it for only £25.00  making it only £20.00 once my discount was applied I knew now was the right time to purchase it. I had read some amazing reviews about the product so my hopes were quite high.

I wash my hair every single night without fail so I towel dried my hair & put a pea size amount of product onto my palm. I rubbed my hands together & ran it through my ends putting just a tiny amount near the top of my head. It smelt really lovely & my hair felt soft as it started to dry.

The next morning my hair was super-soft & easy to style. It wasn’t greasy looking at all, just fresh & shiny. I have always had quite shiny hair but it seemed to make it look even better. I have used the oil twice now & my hair feels so much softer & fuller. I feel like it is full of volume & has improved the overall condition & look of my locks.

Really, really impressed with this product & I know it is something I will purchase again & again. It is quite expensive but it is really worth the investment. Plus you only need a tiny drop of the oil each time so it will last.

If you haven’t given it a try yet, I urge you do to so!


5 thoughts on “The Verdict: Moroccan Hair Oil Treatment

    1. I have oily hair & I was really worried that it would make my hair even more oily but it didn’t! It just soaks into the hair (you only need a tiny tiny amount) &doesn’t leave it oily or greasy at all. My hair is so soft & full of volume. Give it a try, it is the best hair product I have ever used! x

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