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I Just Ride

Harley Davidson T-Shirt; River Island

Aloha Readers! I am home from work, showered, moisturised & relaxed! I have been listening to Lana Del Rey’s latest single ‘Ride’ because my Fiance knew I would love it – he was right! I love the video with all the bikes & bikers & the song is really awesome! So I thought I my blast from the past today would be me wearing my favourite Harley Davidson T-Shirt from River Island. It is no secret that I love Harley’s & it would be my dream to own my own some day. I live in hope!

This year I plan to team my t-shirt with my black skinny jeans & Native Fringe Boots from Republic.

It will be perfect for lazy Sundays!

Today I have been working but thankfully I am off tomorrow & doing a little shopping with my Nana. This means I will finally have a up-to-date outfit post for you all (woo hoo!)

So far I am super impressed with my recent purchase, Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment. My hair felt so soft & was very easy to style this morning. I have only used it twice so I will write a full review on it once I have had a little more time to see its effect.

I hope you have all had a wonderful day! Not long until the weekend – I am excited!


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