Clarins Beauty Flash Balm Has Changed My Life

Okay, well maybe not CHANGED my life but certainly improved my day-to-day skin care routine. I have always had a problem with oily skin around my T-zone  which has caused shine & my make-up to start sliding off during the day (not good!) Yesterday I went to my local Clarins counter to purchase a foundation I had tried & loved – Clarins Skin Illusion. I also wanted a loose powder, with me spending so much the lady said I could have some free samples. She brought me a really cute Beauty bag that was filled with awesome goodies, really good sizes too not those silly tiny travel ones! In it was a 30ml bottle of their cult Beauty Flash Balm.

It claims to brighten & tighten your skin giving you a more radiant complexion. I can honestly say it is true to its word! This stuff just glides over the skin & I noticed the difference right away. I used it after my shower & my skin was silky smooth. When I woke up this morning I decided I would use it under my make-up since it claims to be a brilliant base. Wow! It banished my oily t-zone all together, my skin had never looked better & my make-up stayed matte all day – which never happens! I can’t tell you how much I am impressed with this stuff, it is fantastic, my make-up glides on & I no longer worry about my make-up sliding off during the day due to my oily skin – perfect!


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