Outfit Post

It Feels Good To Be Back

Silver Vest; H&M, Cornflower Blue Skinny Jeans; Miss Selfridge
Sea Glass Necklace; Cherry Blossom Bay @ Etsy

It feels great to be creating an outfit post again. It feels like forever since I posted an outfit last! Today I slipped on this cute silver vest that I bought from H&M at the start of the year. I had almost forgotton about it until I saw it peeking out from the other vests in my wardrobe this morning.

I teamed it with some blue skinny jeans & wedge boots.

I finally managed to get some shopping done today with my Fiance. I picked up a few things I needed & also took a few things back that I had been meaning too for awhile.

On Monday I am off to Newcastle again, this time to see Slash with Myles Kennedy. Mark Tremonti from Creed & Alter Bridge is the support band so I am very excited about that!

I must remember to show you some of the pictures I took at the Nickelback concert last week. The new camera worked really well (once we figured out which setting to put it on!)

I hope you all had a wonderful day, I am working again tomorrow so I will update when I get home!


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