Sea Glass Necklaces….A Sneaky Peek

I wanted to give you a sneaky peek at the Sea Glass Necklaces that I have been working on for my Etsy store ‘Cherry Blossom Bay’! I haven’t got them listed yet but hopefully I will be able to do that tomorrow. I will let you all know when they are listed.

I wanted to show you this necklace as it is my favourite of the collection. Made from 4 pieces of Sea Glass & a lovely pebble that I found on the beach. The pieces are threaded on a 1.5mm cord, all the necklaces are adjustable. I love the natural, beachy look of this piece!

Natural styles of jewelry have always been my favourite & that is why I wanted to create my own collection.

I love the shape & colour of this piece of Sea Glass. I think it is the perfect shape for creating a necklace.

This will also be available to purchase on my Etsy site. Prices will vary from £4.00-£10.00 depending on the piece, I wanted to keep the price low so everyone can afford a piece of this beautiful glass.

I hope you all love Sea Glass as much as me. I already have quite a few pieces myself & it is like wearing a piece of the ocean around your neck!

I will also be selling a selection of pendant necklaces such as this cute shell one. I added two little beads to both sides with a shell pendant in the middle. Very pretty & perfect for Summer!

Here is another little peek at two other pendant necklaces:

All the Sea Glass was beachcombed by me & my Fiance on the North East Coast of England. I hope you like my pieces & I will update you all when my Etsy store ‘Cherry Blossom Bay’ is ready!


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