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A Stroll On The Beach

Yesterday we took my Fiance’s family dog Rosie for a walk on the beach. Rosie is not the calmest of dogs & driving her to the beach was a nightmare, she was jumping all over & I had to try to calm her down! We were laughing so much we were almost crying, she is so cute! When we got to the beach she was running around & trying to play with other dogs. It was a lovely day & we managed to find a lot of Sea Glass which will be perfect for my jewelery making.

Meet Rosie!

Taking her hunting pose!

Me & Rosie

Trying to find new friends to play with.

The Beach.

Digging for Sea  Glass!

We had a lovely day together & I was so pleased with the Sea Glass we found. After we had taken Rosie home & I had tamed my wind-swept hair, we went out for a nice meal together.

The perfect day


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