Outfit Post

Weekend Catch Up

Coral Vest Top; French Connection, Army Style Hotpants; River Island
Flip Flops; Aspiga, Arrow Head Necklace; Cherry Blossom Bay

Good evening readers! Just a quick catch up to tell you about my weekend. On Saturday, Chris & I had a lovely trip to the seaside town of Saltburn. It was a lovely sunny day & really warm so it was perfect for spending by the beach. We had ice cream & a lovely stroll along the pier. Earlier in the day we had purchased a new camera which is almost a professional one (almost!) We are so pleased with it. It zooms in really really well which is perfect for when we go to see bands. It also has a panoramic feature which allowed us to capture some beautiful pictures of the pier & beach.

I will be uploading some pictures of our little trip soon!

Today we had a lazy day, we watched The Secret Window which stars Johnny Depp & we really enjoyed it. Tomorrow I am working so I won’t be able to post until late afternoon.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!


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