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DIY Tie Dye Felt Purse

Today I finally got to making my DIY Tie Dye Felt Purse from a sheet of felt I bought from Hobby Craft. Here is how I did it:

It started like this, just a simple felt sheet.

Firstly I cut the sheet to the size that I wanted it to be. I then fold the purse into the shape I needed & pinned the sides together.

I then started to stitch the first side together using a blanket stitch. Simply start at the bottom of the purse and push the needle through. Then staying as close to the first thread as possible push the needle back through but leave a tiny loop open. Use the loop to push the needle through & pull tightly. Then continue this process until you have completed both sides.

Here it is taa daa!

I am very pleased with how it turned out & I can’t wait to make more with different patterned fabrics.
I am going to use this one as a purse but I am also going to be making more to use as gift bags for my jewelery on Cherry Blossom Bay.

Give it a go, felt is a really great fabric to work with!


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