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Invest In The Basics

Every lady needs a basic tee in her wardrobe & for basic items I always turn to trusty H&M. These basic yet stylish t-shirt are available in a range of colours & are so easy to style.

Team it with skinny jeans & Converse for a laid-back look on those days when ‘you have nothing to wear’! I think we all have those days right?

At only £6.99 each you can afford one in every colour.


2 thoughts on “Invest In The Basics

  1. I totally agree that we need to invest in basics because you wear them sooo much more often than other “statement” pieces.

    I’ve tried t-shirts from zara and forever21 because they’re affordable but nothing beats the wilfred t-shirts from aritzia! The extra $ is definitely worth it.

    Maybe I’ll try the H&M ones..

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