Oh How I’ve Missed You!

Hi guys! I am finally home from Egypt & I have missed my blog so much. I missed writing more than I thought I would & I missed reading all your amazing blogs!

I had a wonderful time in Egypt, the weather was amazing. The heat was so intense, I loved every minute. I was slightly ill for 7 days but I am such a big sun worshipper that I only retreated back to the room on one afternoon when I felt really bad!

The sea was beautiful & I swam in it every day & saw some wonderful fish. I have a few pictures to show you that I will upload soon.

I am back to work tomorrow (booooooo) I really don’t want to go.

Well I can’t wait to start posting regularly again & I will be catching up on all your wonderful blogs soon!

Hope you have all been well!


3 thoughts on “Oh How I’ve Missed You!

    1. The Dead Sea is a pretty amazing place to go! Better see it soon, though… as it most likely won’t be around for future generations. Sad thing. Egypt is amazing!! I haven’t been there in a few years and know that right now it must be very different, but would love to hear more about your time there. The people are such amazing people! So giving and kind.

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