10 thoughts on “Join A Tribe

  1. I love this dress, so cute! I’d wear it with a large bright statement necklace a few dainty bangles and some studded gladiator sandals. I finally bought the sequin/ beaded peacock purse from forever 21 you featured on your blog a few weeks ago, thanks for sharing it!

    1. That is a fantastic way to style it! Yay I am so pleased you liked the purse enough to buy it, I love it so much, is it as pretty as it looked on the webiste? x

      1. It’s even prettier! Totally worth the $25 I spent on it, surprisingly high quality of beadwork and structured well. Plus it is the perfect pop of color to those boring outfits!

  2. Is such a high collar and such a busy yet beautiful print that I would do some short dangling or stud earrings and a hell of an arm party. Shoes…. Some strappy sexy black heela and a clutch! I wouldnt want to take away from the print and colors!

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