Outfit Post

Bright & Early

Mesh Sweater; Next, Skinny Jeans; Topshop
Necklace; Clintons, Sandals; Aspiga

I was up bright & early today because my car had to be taken in for its M.O.T, I feel so lost without it already and I have to get the bus to work! So this morning I kept it quite casual with a simple sweater & jeans combination. I added a turquoise necklace & my tribal sandals from Aspiga to brighten up my look! I have some items on Ebay at the moment that I wish to sell, I will post about them later.

I spent the weekend with my Fiance, we had a nice meal on Saturday & spent Sunday relaxing. We are going to start saving really hard so we can finally move in together. I am NOT a good saver but I am going to really try my best, which means I have to stop spending so much on clothes (eek!) Thankfully Chris is really good at saving so I can take some inspiration from him! The fact is at the moment I have too many clothes. I have run out of space and I don’t know where to put them. That is why I am having a huge clear out & selling some things on Ebay. The rest of the clothes I am going to make the most of them, after all that was my resolution for this year! So by reusing the clothes I already have I hope I won’t feel the need to go out and blow all my money on clothes every month!

Have a lovely day


4 thoughts on “Bright & Early

  1. You can do it! My top tip for saving is to put away the most you can immediately after you get paid in a savings account – that way you can access it if you need to but its a bit more effort and it makes you think twice before spending.

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